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Gandhi once said, "Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong. But if you do let go of that anger, you'll be bettering yourself in more ways than one. Below are 10 reasons why it's better to forgive than hold onto a grudge. Holding onto anger could hurt your heart. Bottling up your angry emotions can take a serious toll on your physical health. A study published by the American Heart Association suggests that high levels of anger may increase the risk of coronary heart disease, particularly in older men. Repressing those feelings also may increase your blood pressure, Men's Health reported in Showing rage could make an impression on children.

Little kids mold their behavior to their environment, and that could be especially true when it comes to hostility and anger. According to a study published in the journal Cognitive Development , babies can not only sense anger, they adjust their behavior around it. What's more, even very small children have a long memory: researchers found that toddlers were able to classify who was anger-prone based on previous outbursts.

Even a short episode of anger could carry health implications. Carrying around anger can threaten your well-being, but even just a spurt of it could do the same. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that subjects were five times more at risk for a heart attack and three times more at risk for a stroke in the two hours following an angry outburst.

It messes with your mental health. Upsetting situations have a way of staking real estate in our minds, leading us into a thought spiral that can affect our mental health. Anger has a way of exacerbating anxiety and stress , and as psychologist Laura L. Hayes, Ph.

Can you forgive someone and still protect yourself from them hurting you again?

Anger could be associated with developing type 2 diabetes. According to data published by the National Institutes of Health , anger could potentially lead to diabetes through risky health behaviors. While there's no direct link between temperament and subsequent diabetes risk, there were still some noteworthy findings. In the study, individuals with the highest levels of anger had a 34 percent increased risk of developing the disease compared to those with lower temperaments. Researchers found that those with chronic anger were more likely to smoke and had a higher calorie intake , two factors that could lead to the development of type 2 diabetes.

Holding onto resentment can cause stress. It's already frustrating enough actually living through a trying situation, but not letting go after it happens may be causing even further damage. Bitterness and anger can cause higher levels of stress and increased heart rate. The antidote? Research suggests that pardoning others or even yourself creates lower physiological stress responses.

What's nice about Sandals is that the drinks are all branded unlike some other all inclusive resorts.

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I remember that the Merlot wine was lovely : I think Sandals refer to themselves as ultra inclusive and I have to say I think that is a fair statement. Also there is a no tipping policy but instead you name your favorite employee. I'm sure you will have a wonderful honeymoon if you decide to go.

Yes everything is included in the price, food, drinks, towels, if you have a fridge in your room it is replenished everyday. Yes it is all inclusive, although from my experience I wouldn't describe the customer service as excellent. Yes everything is included, food, all drinks including top shelf alcohol, Starbuck type coffees, ice cream and deserts, just about everything would can want.

We did not spend any extra money while we were there except for pictures, sun screen, and gifts.

Yes it is all inclusive like all Sandals resorts are. Please let me know if you have any other questions! The food was fabulous when we went. You won't be disappointed. Lots of options!

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