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The Israel-Palestinian Conflict: Each Side’s Contrasting Narratives

Therefore, dividing the history of modern Jewish Palestine according to the successive aliyot is well justified, since each wave of immigration brought with it specific ideological and social characteristics which shaped the development of the yishuv. From the beginning, the Zionist movement considered the yishuv as a territorial political entity, a united, autonomous, and democratic community, even before the British conquest and at an accelerated pace afterwards. The Palestinian Jewish community created governmental institutions based on universal suffrage and principles of western democracy—notably the Assembly of Deputies and the National Council—which had departments corresponding to government ministries.

Israel History. Modern Israel. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and bring you ads that might interest you. Read our Privacy Policy to find out more. First, the magnitude of each wave of immigration and its social composition, both largely determined by the immigration policy of the Mandate and the division of the immigrants into categories—workers, capital holders, and professionals. Second, the financial resources available to the colonizing institutions and the volume of private investment between and , the investment foreign capital amounted to million pounds, million of which were private funds.


The Sephardic Jews vote for the openly racist and nationalist parties whereas the Ashkenazi or a diminishing section of them vote for the nominally "leftist" Zionists of the Israeli Labour Party and Meretz. The Sephardic or Arab Jews display what is known as the poor white mentality.

Yes, they are oppressed by their white Jewish brothers, but that only intensifies their hatred of the Arabs and Palestinians. Litvin says that Zionism is based on a distinctly secular outlook. Yes and no.

Zionism from the very beginning made enormous compromises with what became the religious Zionist sector. It did this because religion was and is a powerful form of legitimation of the Zionist claim to Palestine. From to , Israel was ruled continuously by coalitions of the Labour and religious Zionist parties. Since the creation of Israel, the Orthodox rabbinate has had exclusive control over the question of who is a Jew. All personal matters, from birth to marriage to death, are in the hands of its representatives; Reform Rabbis do not get a look in.

Because Israel is a state based on the concept of the Jewish "race", in the same way in South Africa or Nazi Germany it was necessary to define who was part of the white or Aryan race. In Israel, it is the rabbis who decide who is and who is not Jewish.

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In a survey by Pew Research Center , one of the more interesting yet least commented upon findings was that 46 percent of Israeli Jews saw themselves as Jewish first and 35 percent saw themselves as Israeli first, but 79 percent agreed that Jews should receive preferential treatment. In other words, Israeli Jews have an identity crisis, which is not surprising since Israel itself doesn't have a nationality but subscribes to the myth of one worldwide Jewish nation.

Litvin argues further: "Z ionist propagandists have promoted the anti-Semitic fallacy that Israel is a Jewish state, which represents Judaism and thus all Jews. This fundamental canard is at the root of Zionist propaganda. Israel is a Jewish state in so far as Jews are privileged over and above non-Jews. However, Israel does not represent all Jews or even Judaism. How can this be so?

South Africa was, by the same token, a white state for white people. Does this therefore mean that racism and sectarianism are inherent to Protestantism? Or that apartheid is inherent to those who have white skin?

At 71, Israel as a Jewish state is justified -

Of course not, and likewise discrimination and racism are not inherent to being Jewish. Litvin falls into a logical fallacy when he states: "If it is accepted, as it is by Zionists, that Israel indeed represents Judaism and all Jews - an expression of 'Jewish supremacy' - then those who are pro-Palestinian must also reject Jews and Judaism.

Israeli Settlers in the Occupied West Bank

When Zionism first arose, Orthodox Jews were fiercely opposed to it. Munich's rabbis objected to the First Zionist Congress being held in that city and it had to be relocated to Basel in Switzerland. The Jewish religion has changed in the past century just as the identity of Jews has changed.

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Zionism's claim on Jewish identity is contested. White racists and Zionists have long made common cause, Zionism was the favoured son of western imperialism.

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Arthur J Balfour, the author of the Balfour Declaration , was also notoriously anti-Semitic and racist imperialist. As prime minister, he introduced in the Aliens Act aimed at curbing Jewish immigration from Eastern Europe. However, this does not mean that Israel is a white supremacist state. As we saw in the Pittsburgh attack and the Charlottesville march , white supremacists are more than capable of distinguishing between Jews and Zionism.

Pittsburgh's Jews, for example, were singled out because of their support for refugees. In the diaspora, despite the inroads made by Zionism, most Jews still subscribe to a liberal and multicultural state.