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See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Add to Wishlist. USD Overview Seether's third release Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces is the rock-grunge group's most successful album to date! Featuring the No. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Well Shaun saved not only my life with that song, but also countless others as well.

So for that Shaun on this day, I thank you. Your friend, -matt. Unfortunately these rumors are true. Eugene passed away early monday morning the 13th of August.

Fake It Tab by Seether (text version) | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm

As you might have seen we have cancelled a few shows to allow Shaun and the rest of us to come to terms with this tragic loss. Genie was an awesome human being, the type of person you want to be around. I know I speak for everyone who knew Eugene when I say that he will be sorely missed. We all love you bro. Rest in peace Dale. The first single however is currently still TBA. Also, the album title???

Love and Granny Panties Shaun. I expect to see as many LA locals as possible! Starting in September, we head out on an amazing tour with some very good friends of ours — Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin.

Yes, that is correct! Opening acts for the tour? Red and Skillet. Not at the same time, but I am a fan of both bands, so I am happier than the proverbial pig in shit, let me tell ya! We have some crazy things planned, which may or may not include bunny suits, prom dresses, beer bongs, tiaras and naked old people. I laid down the last guitar track today hopefully and have finished 6 vocals. Look out for the first single around the middle to the end of August. Good times, guaranteed…. In the meantime, we would appreciate any input from you guys, regarding the setlist.

So, even better — include your hometown when you send the 5 suggestions, and we will possibly be able to accomodate everybody….

Alfred Seether - Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces Guitar Tab

Things are going really well in studio, and the tracks are sounding badass, musically anyway. We have completed 7 songs, without vocals, and have 8 to go.

We will continue to post videos, and answer questions as much as possible, and do whatever we can to whet your collective appetites! So far, Howard Benson is the producer. You heard it first… Love and Bullets S. Rice kindly pointed them in the right direction. Ask and ye shall receive.

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So thanks Chris Rice for spreading the Seether on I hope you all enjoyed my little April Fools joke. If so, mission accomplished. There is quite a story that goes along with this. That days show was headlined by the Foo Fighters. Fast forward to October of A few days after Shaun had successfully finished his stint in rehab, Dave invited Shaun to come by and jam.

Little did Shaun know that this would be a dream jam as he was surprised to find that the two were going to be joined by Krist Novoselic. After a few jams the trio thought that it may be a cool idea to dust off some of the old Nirvana repetoir and possibly do a short tour. Cities and Venues have been chosen, but no specific dates have been officially confirmed. I finally figured out all the passwords, and how to actually write one of these blog things. We have switched management, as some of you might know, and are now under the watchful eyes of the good people at The Firm.

We felt the changes were necessary, and as a band we feel really positive about the move. Also, we have the honor to announce that we will be working a wonderful producer on the next album, and preproduction is scheduled to start soon, I think. I have a knack for that apparently…. What makes this video special? A few reasons. One, Afro Nick is still in the band who was later replaced by Pat about a month later, and Nick Oshiro is also in it playing drums.

So enjoy some old school early Disclaimer era Seether. I have been getting A LOT of e-mails in the past month where I have just been responding that the band would be starting to record in early January. In site news, Seether-Online. This will keep it fresh looking. In the next day or so, There will be a different entrance page.

I have Seetherville archived on the Seether-Online server now so once the new entrance page goes up, you will be able to view most of that site again. The contact e-mail for this site will also change as due to doing Seetherville, I receive A LOT of spam in what was my personal e-mail address. Stay tuned for more info -matt. He got kicked out and replaced by Pat.

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He went on to form his own band called Turn Of The Screw. I figured since Afro Nick and Freese were involved in this I would make a post about this. The music is killer. NAMM is an annual musical instrument trade show where companies show off there products and up-coming gear for the new season. Some companies also have free concerts at night. This publication will attempt to set the record straight and examine the evolution of various sub genres to their current status today in a South African context.

In fact, anyone, of any age who enjoys or collects extreme music, may have something of value to add to the publication, and in turn officially be acknowledged for their contribution or opinion. A year later, the series was continued online by Powerzone, hosted by the M. Multimedia Group. Information from the series will form part of the foundation of the proposed project. I just wanted to wish you all a safe and happy New Years night and remember to be safe.

If you drink, please make sure you have a designated driver or cash for a cab.

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Thanks for reading. We wish John a speedy recovery and all the best this holiday season. The 1 minute Interview will be up in the Interview section shortly. Yea, lame, I know, but you can watch..