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Soak it all in. You can bring in your own coolers with food and drink, and yes, adult drinks. Just have cans and no glass.

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Having said that, must-try food is Shake Shack and the Mac and Cheese truck. Absolutely incredible. What started out as a picnic for the parishioners of St. Elias Church to celebrate the feast of St. Elias 90 years ago, has now become one of the nations biggest Middle Eastern Festivals! This year featuring four daily specials that add richness and variety to our menu. Our first daily special, Musakhan, is to Palestine what apple pie is to America. This dish is popular is Armenia, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria as well as their communities world wide.

It is a ground beef and lamb mix with parsley and onions, shaped and formed by hand on a skewer and grilled to yummy perfection! Our fourth special is Zaatar famous oregano blend made from oregano or thyme with sesame and sumac encrusted filet mignon shish kabab, grilled and absolutely delicious.

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This dish is gaining popularity now in the Middle East as a fusion between an old traditional dish, Zaatar, and meat. Zaatar is Lahm Bi Ajeen Meat Pie usually eaten with pita bread that is first dipped in olive oil so that the Zaatar blend can stick to the bread. It is usually eaten in the morning as a vegan option, so adding it as a spice to meat is way out of the box!

Our fans loved our Arabic pistachio ice cream so much last year that we decided to bring it back. The Arabic pistachio ice cream is flavored with mastic gum, rose water and orange blossom water and adorned with crunchy pistachios. You can also order it with Zalabye, our sweet and crunchy fried dough balls. The food we serve is cooked by the ladies of our church, with high quality ingredients and authentic recipes. Our ladies hand rolled 15, grape leaves that are stuffed with a spiced mixture of ground beef and rice, be sure to try them when you visit our festival. The live entertainment is led by singer Had Rahme from Canada.

Our teens, tweens and kids groups will perform traditional dabkeh dances.

Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov)

We also have a bigger and better kids zone, with games kids love and great prizes. For a look at the menu, dance schedules, church tours and more, visit our website www. Short stories are not easy to write — well. Many writers begin by writing a short piece of fiction because it requires less planning, plotting, and labor than a novel or in many cases, even a poem. Our narrator in a way becomes the revolting, insatiable eater in his garden that he imagines the beetles to be.

In another story, a man gets a splinter in his finger, and in some odd way becomes wood — feels for and with the wood. Krause uses few of the standard literary conventions — opening paragraphs, descriptions, dialog and action. The things that might lurk in what appears to be normal — if you had eyes to see, or the imagination to invent.

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Life is too short not to enjoy yourself. Take a half day to play a round of golf, sit by the lake and watch the waves gently roll in, and by all means treat yourself to a fantastic meal! It was established in and is located on the shores of Oneida Lake at Lakeshore Road in Cicero. You just have to check out Lola, the new restaurant, serving sensational culinary creations and now open to the public!

They also boast an exclusive harbor, heated Olympic sized pool, and a beautiful club house featuring stunning panoramic views. Kyle and I went to Lola on a beautiful summer evening. We were seated in the stunning dining room with a view of the harbor and the gold course. We started our meal with Limoncello Scallops, hearty scallops topped with prosciutto, cherry peppers, Kalamata olives, and a limoncello reduction served with a side of arugula frise.

This dish was both delicious and beautifully plated; it was an absolute delight to both our eyes and our taste buds! We also shared the Calamari Fritti, tender hand breaded calamari and cherry peppers served with lemon, marinara, and aioli. Every bite was light and flavorful.

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For our entrees we both ordered beef that was cooked to perfection. I decided on the 10 oz Bone-In Filet Mignon, topped with a perfectly melted crust of bleu cheese and served with risotto Milanese and seasonal vegetables, which happened to be perfectly cooked multicolored carrots. The filet was super tender and the risotto was flawless! Kyle ordered the Bone-In Ribeye, a gigantic 20oz cut seasoned fantastically and chargrilled to excellence.

Both entrees were stunningly presented! Both desserts were the perfect way to end the perfect meal with Lakeshore Yacht and Country Club is a little slice of paradise a view! What really sets the club apart is their attention to detail.

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Members are treated more like family than customers. They pride themselves on their kind, courteous, and welcoming staff of talented professionals that offer one-of-a-kind customer service. From knowing your favorite drink, to having your golf clubs polished and ready, their staff works to make your experiences first-class! Check out their website for more information on membership at www. Lakeshore Yacht and Country Club is also a perfect place to host your upcoming event! From showers, to parties, to weddings your guests will have an unbeatable experience.

The cuisine is incredible and the scenery is nothing short of perfection! Stop cheese and served with risotto by every Friday to hear the best live bands and DJs and great Milanese and seasonal vegetables happy hour specials with the best views around! Party on the Point runs each and every Friday starting at 5 pm all summer long! Check out all of their upcoming events on their facebook page at www.

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For those who are new to the world of self-tanning, the process can be quite intimidating, and worries are certainly understandable. The most common concerns are turning orange, smelling like burnt toast, and leaving lotion stains all over the place. Fortunately, you do not have to worry much about any of these concerns so long as you follow the three rules mentioned above; especially the rule about leaving your product on for the right amount of time.

Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov)

Recieve a FREE gift with service. If you are using a high quality product, which you should be, it will take at least 6 hours for it to begin taking effect, and at least another two or three for it to render long-lasting results. This means that most good quality self-tanners must be worn between 6 and 10 hours for best results.

The answer is DHA. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the most effective sunless tanning products contain dihydroxyacetone DHA as the active ingredient.

go site Before you take a shower, go swimming, get sweaty, or come into contact with water at all, you must let the dihydroxyacetone take effect first. To solve the concerns of smelling strange or feeling uncomfortable for an entire day, simply apply your self-tanner at night, let it fully dry, go to sleep, and then shower it off in the morning.

This method gets great results. After you shower, any residual streaks and smells will be gone, and you will see nothing but luminous, glowing skin! Benny Mardones, July 13 continued from pg 7 Radio to get our songs added, and that meant knocking on doors. The difference is, back then the model was in place if you copped a hit like Into the Night.

The Industry model rewarded it as people bought records and they paid more for albums and merchandise. The digital revolution changed that with the ability to copy a CD. Again, we promoted ourselves too, like Bobby Tepper and I writing a song about American Bandstand with the hope we would be invited on. I guess that was entrepreneurial, but today it takes even more on the business side. The days of singing and beating the hell out of hotel rooms for the record company to pick up the bill are over so to speak. Please tell.