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I miss the memories I never made and I long for the love. Colors of Pain. There will be times when things between us might not feel so sweet.

How Billy Joel’s three wives stole his heart and his money

Those moments we look back on, wishing we could press delete. I might find myself tripping, when I only meant to sweep you off of your feet. You want to love me but. You don't love me. You want to love mebut You don't love me. The Alternative. Our Society. Could You. Dreams die at an early age When you would rather support a celebrity, a stranger, other than your own children. When you can't make it to a parent teachers conference, To hear your child's accomplishments. In The Midst Of Night. People are not all that they seem, streams of lowered self-esteem.

Darkness running through and through, constantly running into you. My play-doh set. My brown barrette. My high top shoes. My young views. My dirty shirts. My elbow hurts. My parents yelling. My lips never telling. Flowers Bloom. The water runs clear, and once it reaches bottom, it blooms into a pink flower.

The slight sting of the water it welcomed, any pain is welcomed. The scars run deep through this tattooed.

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The Baltimore I Know. Old roads and new hoes, you know how this essay goes. Crime rampant on the streets.

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Homeless men, calloused feet. Overdoses, opiates.

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Young people with too much hate. Gun violence, death from crime. Because I Because I am a nice person,I will mother and worry over you. Because I am a nice person,I will let you have your way. Because I am a nice person,I will let it slide. Because I am a nice person,. There you go again. Leaving me behind. Take me with you!

No, don't take me. Not this time. I yearn, And when you finally offer, I reject. Because if I accept,. I try to run up it with every ounce of speed but then I trip and then I fall. Gravitating backwards she declines,Liquefying to earth's compression's,Ruined but intertwined,Cannot bypass innocent transgression.

Undescribable pain, Writhing hands and feet, Radiating ove ones self, Yet it feels like nothing. Crying with no tears, Clawing at the flesh, Yet it comes from within,. The Phone Call.

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Mom- Yes Imani. I- I have something to say. Mom- Yes Imani what is it. Pain Glennon Doyle Melton. They told you time would heal.

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That eventually you'd make progress. So you carry on. Sometimes you go days, weeks without crumbling. A year ago Loss turned grief took you from me Today. And then three years later and look at us now.. Man nothing ruins a relationship quicker than doubt. Used to say you were so confident in what we had.

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Learning Your Name. You creeped inside my mind, in one instance and over time. You hid inside my brain, and I wore a mussel of your shame. Core workout. My heart and soul cry out These trials bring me strength I will supplement my life With scripture and song Praying God will use this To build empathy and wisdom Instead of jadedness and despair. Prom Night. MAybe I am made of glass And perhaps I am too reflective And perhaps each time I shatter across the floor in shards of failure I bring us more bad luck.

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My Pain. Can you feel my pain? Toy Soldier. My sister used a quarter in a machine the other day, one that drops random surprises, mostly worthless but still they are kept, for reasons unbeknownst by most As the claw picked up a ball, stale candy joining the fall. The Carnival Years.

The mirror cries long tears to the bus station Her feet draw their mottled shapes on the Pavement It is wet and cold. In my mouth, there lies elegant blood. A girl with eyes like jewels Thought it would be the coolest thing when she switched schools She was eager to see new faces Because her old school picked on her, belittled her, and was racist. Lo and behold, inside of me in a crooked corner that plays hymns of once spoken words and memories, there lies a prophecy Encased in glass to be broken in bed positioned moments of convincing.

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  4. With You, From You. Our Bond. Breathe One, two, three I am a happy daughter Who loves her mother Not a hint of loathing to be found Exhale That was a lie The breeze feels so much nicer Smile so much In My Pocket. I keep a turtle in my pocket, It clinks against a key. Both are deadly weapons, But only when used on me.

    They took away the darkness,.