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A cyber genius questions his own sanity in this chilling read. Charlie Giles is the senior director of his own successful startup company, and everything in his life is going to plan—until his coworkers start dropping dead, and all the evidence points to Charlie. Is someone out there trying to implode his reputation? Or is his mind cracking under the pressure? Their sibling relationship becomes increasingly fraught as Jack makes bizarre demands of Josie, all the while exhibiting clear signs of sociopathy.

Things get even more twisted when the siblings strike out on their own and head towards a catastrophic end that they—and you—won't see coming. This is a thrilling update of the classic Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, though it also incites the skin-crawling creepiness of V.

Once, year-old Alice Monroe was just your average teenager. To pass the long and uneventful days, Alice occupies herself by writing out her thoughts of vengeance, which all involve giving her sister a taste of her own murderous medicine. An unhealthy friendship with a fellow patient only fuels her fire no pun intended —though resurfaced memories will make Alice realize that her mind has blurred fact and fiction.

Psychotherapist Eric Lavender loves living the lifestyle of a Manhattan bachelor.

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But when he meets Colleen Golden—a single mom and divorce lawyer from outside the city—he begins to sing a different tune. Under Colleen's influence, Eric turns into not just an honest man but a father and suburbanite.

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  6. But is her unraveling caused by madness—or something even more terrifying and powerful? Enter Jonah, a man they hardly know, but whose arrival may destroy them entirely.

    It doesn't take long for the couple to realize Jonah is more monster than victim—and that he knows more about them than any normal stranger should. Thayer keeps tensions high, as the Jensens try to win their visitor's messed-up, psychological games. But despite her personal problems, Karen's powers of intuition haven't been dulled, and she's convinced the answer lies within its seventh victim. Can she solve the case in time to stop the killer and save her career?

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    Detective Phil Brennan and psychologist Marina Esposito have made a shocking discovery inside an abandoned house: A cage made of bones, which holds a feral child. Now, they're in the middle of a grisly serial killer case that has stumped police for 30 years. In a terrifying marriage of horror and psychological suspense, Tania Carver's novel keeps the chills and surprises coming as the duo confronts a dark and elusive evil. Want more psychological thrillers? The basis for the movie adaptation starring Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche, Damage is a masterful psychological thriller that will make your blood run hot and cold.

    Purely by luck, Steve Harris did not meet the same fate of his mother and brother, who were murdered by his father in Since then, Steve has tried to move on with his life, though a new true crime book threatens to open old wounds. Still, Steve cooperates with author Rebecca Soltero, as she digs deeper into the events of that fateful day.

    What ensues is an eye-opening investigation that reveals painful truths about the crime, Steve's father, and the family he loved and lost. Mia Goth plays a out-of-place young patient in A Cure for Wellness. Also, there are eels. We're about 20 minutes into the marathon psychological thriller A Cure for Wellness when the young protagonist wakes up in a health spa with a broken leg after a car accident. How long was he out for? Three days, he is told.

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    More than two hours later, when the film finally ends, I know just how that guy feels. It's not that Gore Verbinski's endurance test is a total snoozer.

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    It's not that the film is much, much longer than it needs to be. And it's not even that the payoff is nowhere near worth the audience's investment. The problem is that somewhere around the middle of the film, one begins to realize it probably isn't going any place worthwhile. So, vacant and vaguely confused expectations. Like the protagonist with his leg in a cast, one is stuck in a disorienting place, not sure when he can leave.

    To appropriate a line from critic Roger Ebert, watching A Cure for Wellness is like waiting for the bus in a city where you're not even sure they have a bus line.

    A Cure for Wellness: Psychological thriller will leave you feeling eel

    Which is all a shame, because A Cure for Wellness looks gorgeous and carries intriguing messages. It also offers intentionally or not a creepy Trumpian parallel that I won't ruin by divulging. Here, he's an up-and-coming Wall Streeter who's tasked with retrieving his company's wayward CEO from a "wellness centre" in the Swiss Alps. A massive merger is at stake, and time is of the essence. The problem is, at the tranquil sanitarium, time stands still and none of the "patients" particularly want to leave.

    Written by the adventurous Justin Haythe — his diverse credits include The Clearing , Revolutionary Road and The Lone Ranger — the story's thrust revolves around one line, "Only when we know what ails us can we find the cure. It's a comment on contemporary society and misplaced priorities.

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    We're sick and we don't even know it. The "cure," if we can call it that, involves the distilling of humanity's pure essence. Also, eels are involved. We know director Verbinski from The Ring and the excellent Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but he's a bit out of his Depp here.

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    She also founded and runs her own blog, TolanisLifeLessons. Psychological-thrillers have a special place in my book-loving heart. Not only are psychological-thrillers perfect for combatting reading ruts but they also make great vacation reads. In the midst of all of this. Lo goes to great lengths to get to the bottom of this murder mystery except. The room has been unoccupied this entire time.

    Lo begins to doubt her sanity. No one knows or has seen this woman and, after questioning everyone on board, she comes up with no answers. Could the break-in she fell victim to at her home before the trip have rattled her to this degree?