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Explorers stumble upon mysterious shipwreck.

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This small town could be underwater within a generation. The continent is called Greater Adria.

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It's the size of Greenland and it broke off from North Africa, only to be buried under Southern Europe about million years ago. And chances are, you've been there without even knowing it.

The study was published this month in the journal Gondwana Research. Searching for the lost continent of Mauritia. Researching the evolution of mountain ranges can show the evolution of continents.

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This area is called Adria by geologists, so the researchers for this study refer to the previously undiscovered continent as Greater Adria. In the Mediterranean region, geologists have a different understanding of plate tectonics. Plate tectonics are the theory behind how oceans and continents form, and for other parts of the Earth, that theory suggests that the plates don't deform when they move alongside each other in areas with large fault lines.

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There you can follow several large fault lines across a distance of more than 2, kilometers. In the case of Greater Adria, most of it was underwater, covered by shallow seas, coral reefs and sediments. The sediments formed rocks and those were scraped off like barnacles when Greater Adria was forced under the mantle of Southern Europe.

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Those scrapped rocks became mountain ranges in these areas: the Alps, the Apennines, the Balkans, Greece and Turkey. Remnants of the lost continent can be seen in the Taurus Mountains in Turkey. You can even predict, to a certain extent, what a given area will look like in the far future. Reconstructing this evolutionary look at mountain ranges in the Mediterranean required collaboration because it covers more than 30 countries, each with their own geological survey, maps and pre-existing ideas about how things formed, the researchers said.

Using plate tectonic reconstruction software, the researchers literally peeled back layers to go back in time when continents appeared much different from the map we know today. Gaze in awe at the scale of change, sometimes rapid, like bushfires in Australia's Northern Territory.

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See the complex dynamics of many different things at play in a small place like volcanoes, deforestation and wildfires. Explore patterns of human activity, like surface mining, which takes many diverse forms across the world. Scientists, documentarians and journalists have used this dataset to help us better understand the complex dynamics at work on our planet. News outlets have brought their reporting to life with Timelapse imagery, from coverage of the floods in Houston, Texas to population monitoring.

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Recently, a team of scientists at the University of Ottawa published an article Nature based on the Timelapse dataset which revealed a 6, percent increase in landslides on a Canadian Arctic island since Zeit Online uses Timelapse to show the extent to which jungles are cleared for soy production in Brazil. Using Google Earth Engine , Google's cloud platform for petabyte-scale geospatial analysis, we combined more than 15 million satellite images roughly 10 quadrillion pixels to create the 35 global cloud-free images that make up Timelapse.

These images come from the U. Today's update also adds mobile and tablet support, making it a little easier for you to explore, research or get lost in the imagery—from wherever you are. Earth Timelapse, now available on phones and tablets, includes a handy new "Maps Mode" toggle to let you navigate the map using Google Maps.