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Porter was RIP Kim Porter! My heart breaks for your beautiful children and family. Kim's DEAD! Thank u for the memories. Cassie hope you can marry Diddy now? RIP my friend Kim Porter?? HNNAfrica November 16, P Kim Porter. Prayers for her family and children???? RIP Kim Porter? My heart just aches so much 4 her children??

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Kim Porter. Sources say that Porter was the "love of [Diddy's] life, and his very best friend. One of the most horrifying things a mother can think of is leaving her children while they are young. My heart hurts so bad for Kim Porter and her family. Please be good and gentle to yourselves tonight, fellow mommies. JamilahLemieux November 16, My heart is hurting for Diddy and his family. In my brief interaction with Kim Porter she was nothing but a bright light.

How to SELL anything?

My family and i prayers goes up for her 2 twin daughters and her two sons. I am absolutely wrecked by this news. The times spent with you and your family over the years will be treasured. Rest in power Kim Porter. My condolences to the Combs and Porter families. Kim Porter meant so much to so many , but to me and wondaland she was the woman who single handedly changed our lives.

RIP KimPorter. Al B Sure wrote this for Kim Porter when he found out she was pregnant.

"Blue Laces 2"

Kim, gone WAY too soon! May you rest in peace in the embrace of the angels! KimPorter FamilyLove pic. I want to win more than anything. Stop going about it the way you think that it needs to be done. You have to look at the upside. All of them.

You work , you get home, you kiss the dog, and you go to town. Everyone has time. You want this? I've go to make this back. And not too many people can say they brought Drake to town, and worked with him, and have been able to build with him.

#TBT: it's diddy and cassie aren't a couple yet. but they are on the cover of i-D - i-D

So, it seems like you've accepted that, whether it's gambling or just taking risks, that that's part of your personality. Morrow: I never did a drug a day in my life. But gambling When I was in that casino at that table, I knew what it felt like to be addicted. Because it's something I couldn't stop.

I will give my friends money before I go in, like, "Don't let me touch this.

I'm gonna go up there with these few dollars, don't let me get this money. And there's been so many days like that, JonBoy, Kendall, Cliff, all my friends. I would really have to wrestle them down to get my money, because I'm like, "Yo, look. No matter what happens, don't let me touch this money. Feloni: So it's applying that now with your businesses and stuff. You know how to play the game. The odds are more in your favor. Morrow: Yes.

I take a lot of big risks, man. It's like, if I lose, you know what, I've got to stay on my grind, I've got to get it back. Feloni: At what point where you able to start bringing in those celebrities? Who was the first? Morrow: The first person I brought was Draya Michele.

ISBN 13: 9781483993645

This was when I was 20 or And I brought her into town. She's on "Basketball Wives. And she came down. She came down with some friends and her manager, Marcus. When they got down to the city they wanted to go eat.

Capital Prep's operator doesn't like teachers unions, so teachers don't like him.

Morrow: Well, I reached out to them. I reached out to them to host one of my parties. And, at the time, I had a partner. So, when Draya Michele came down, they wanted to get their hair and nails done. We go to the salon. I had a friend of mine, I'm like, "Yo, look. Let's go half on their hair and nails. So, I paid for it. Went to dinner. I go, "Let's go half. I paid for it. I'm 20, and he was five, six years older than me at the time.

And, he didn't want to go half on it. And, pretty much, long story short, at the end of the day they told me, they were like, "You know what? Out of all the cities we've been to, you took care of us more out of all of the cities we've been to. And, you've been the youngest. They were impressed by it.

So, they extended a invite for me to come to L. So, this was right before I turned So, when I went out there they brought me to church, they brought me to the clubs and introduced me to people that I'm still building with to this day. And, it just showed me the value in relationships, how I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. All I did was be myself. And showed them that Southern hospitality when they came to my city. And, from that stemmed a relationship. I can still call Draya.

She hosted a party for me recently.

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  5. I still have that relationship. It taught me a lot, knowing that I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. All I did was be who I was, who I am. And, from that moment forward I realized my niche, the things that work for me. I started to continue to do that, and booked people. I was booking, and I would lose.