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Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. This belief may be past information such as the results of previous tests, or on other information about the event. At any given point, provided you have enough data at hand, the Bayesian approach tells you the probability of variation A having a lower conversion rate than variation B or the control. It does not have a defined time limit attached to it nor does it require you to have an in-depth knowledge of statistics.

In the simplest of terms, the Bayesian approach is akin to the way we approach things in everyday life. For instance, you misplaced your mobile phone in your house. As a frequentist, you would only use a GPS tracker to track it and only check the area the tracker is pointing to. While as a Bayesian, you will not only use a GPS tracker but also check all the places in the house you earlier found your misplaced phone.

In the former, the event is considered to be a fixed value while in the latter, all past and future knowledge are utilized to locate the phone. Suggested reading: Bayesian vs Frequentist. Keep one thing in mind - no matter which method you choose, your testing method and statistical accuracy will determine the end results. For example, one such condition is the timing of the test campaign. The timing and duration of the test have to be on point.

Calculate the test duration keeping in mind your average daily and monthly visitors, estimated existing conversion rate, minimum improvement in conversion rate you expect, number of variations including control , percentage of visitors included in the test, and so on.

Even though this is the last step where you find your campaign winner, analysis of the results is extremely important. Once your test concludes, analyze the test results by considering metrics like percentage increase, confidence level, direct and indirect impact on other metrics, etc.

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After you have considered these numbers, if the test succeeds, deploy the winning variation. If the test remains inconclusive, draw insights from it and implement these in your subsequent tests. Therefore it is imperative that each and every piece of content that reaches your users via your website should be optimized to its maximum potential.

This is especially true for elements that can influence visitor behavior and conversion rate. Your headline is the first thing that visitors see on your page. And first impression is what determines if the visitor will go further down your conversion funnel. Keep it short and to the point ensuring it talks clearly about what your product or service is and its benefits.

A well-written headline and body can increase the chances of turning your website into a conversion magnet. Writing style: Use the right tonality based on the target audience. Your copy should directly address the end user and answer all their questions.

Product/Service Features and Benefits

It should consist of key phrases that improve usability, and stylistic elements that highlight important points. Formatting: Use relevant headlines and subheadlines, break the copy into small and easy paragraphs and format it for skimmers using bullet points or lists.

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Because everything seems so essential, businesses sometimes struggle with finding only the most essential elements to keep on their website. For example, as an e-commerce store , your product page is extremely important from a conversion perspective. One thing for sure is that with technological progress in its current stage, customers like to see everything in high definition before buying it. Therefore, it is extremely important that your product page is at its most optimized form in terms of design and layout.

Along with the copy, the design and layout of a page include images product images, offer images, etc and videos product videos, demo videos, advertisements, etc. Your product page should answer all of your users' questions without confusing them and without getting cluttered:. Provide clear information: Based on the products you sell, find creative ways to provide all necessary context and accurate product descriptions, so that prospective buyers do not get overwhelmed with an unorganized copy while looking for answers to their queries.

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Write clear copies and provide easily noticeable size charts, color options, etc.