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Martin, S. Schumann, G.

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Pack, J. Guttmann, W. Wall, and S. Uhlig: Biaxial distension of precision-cut lung slices. Wall, L. Wiechert, A.

Comerford, and S. Rausch: Towards a comprehensive computational model for the respiratory system. Wiechert and W.

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Wall: A nested dynamic multi-scale approach for 3D problems accounting for micro-scale multi-physics. Wiechert, R. Metzke and W. Wall: Modeling the mechanical behavior of lung tissue at the micro-level. Wall, and M. Gee: Die virtuelle Lunge. Rausch: Computational modeling of the respiratory system.

Wall: Bridging Scales in Respiratory Mechanics. Comerford, S. Rausch, and W.

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Rausch, L. Wiechert, M. Gee, and W. Wall: Computational modelling of the respiratory system for improvement of mechanical ventilation strategies. Wiechert, T. Rabczuk, M. Gee, R. Metzke, and W. Wall: Coupled problems in computational modeling of the respiratory system. Rausch, M. Gee, and A. Wall, A. Wiechert, and S. Rausch: Coupled and multi-scale building blocks for a comprehensive computational lung model. Romance was in the air, friends — my husband later admitted that he had contemplated getting down on one knee at the exact spot the photo below was taken!

Alas, he postponed his proposal. I did eventually get the man, and the diamond ring, of course! Need more motivation to make Mass Memories?

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No problem! All you have to do is vote on where you would like to create your Massachusetts Memory. Finally, you just know we have to throw a Twitter Party to share all the latest travel scoop! More details to follow. And if you need help designing the perfect micro getaway, get in touch! I know a thing or two about creating epic long weekend adventures. Although this post has been generously sponsored by Massachusetts Travel and Tourism, the opinions and language are all my own, and in no way do they reflect Massachusetts Travel and Tourism.

Mmmm…clam chowder! Beautiful pictures! Would love to take a mini vacation to Massachusetts this summer. Thanks for the update Lena. You had me at seafood LOL!! I am thinking this summer is going to be a busy one for me — would love to fit this kind of a trip in, but I think it will have to wait until You have given me so many wonderful ideas of places to visit : And for everybody going to that twitter party, have fun!!

Thanks for the idea, though, as it is close enough for a mini road trip this summer.


It sounds like you did a lot of fun activities! So excited to see that you had a great time and really liked it there!

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I am thinking about moving to Boston so that was very nice to hear! You get the best of both worlds! I enjoy going to Boston, have been a few times. They sat like dead ants after a poisoned picnic, and what remained on my face was a scrambled mess. They felt crazy, too. Itchy and like they were growing in seventeen different directions. Deflated, our adventure was done. The experience left me feeling self-righteous, indignant, and exhausted, which gets to the heart of my entire conflict with beauty, where a line of self-questioning often thrives: As a woman trying to embrace the complexity of her own identity, when am I empowering myself through consumption, and when am I succumbing to the industrialization of my own face?

Does the distinction even matter? Are my eyelashes the latest manifestation of a capitalist agenda? And why are our romantic partners so lathered up about the hairs that sprout from our eyeball area? Should I get you a coffee? Beverly Hills Lashes Huntley Dr.

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